Professional Water Damage Cleanup and Disinfecting After a Flood or Septic Backup.  Portsmouth, NH

A broken water pipe … spring flooding in the basement … a sewer or septic system backup — these are not uncommon household and business emergencies. But your water damage problem isn't resolved just by calling a plumber. You may also need to call in a professional cleaning company for water damage repair to flooring, furnishings and walls. Without proper cleanup and water damage restoration, you increase the risk for toxic mold.  We have worked on jobs throughout MA and NH including Newburyport, MA, Portsmouth, Salem and Exeter.

Call AM-PM Janitorial Sales and Service at 603-926-9484. For more than 40 years, we've been helping residential and business customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with decontamination and water damage restoration after floods, sewer or septic backup. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of satisfied customers.

What to Do if You See Water Damage
If you've got water on the floor or wet walls or woodwork, we can:

  •   Identify the source of the problem
  • Open up wall cavities around leaks to prevent mold growth
  • Remove walls and materials already showing mold (see mold remediation services.)
  • Extract water from carpeting with our heavy-duty, truck-mounted steam cleaner. (Carpets can often be saved with cleaning and drying but pads may need to be replaced.)
  • Set up dehumidifiers and fans to speed drying and minimize musty air smell
  • Dispose of any ruined materials or furnishings

Professional Cleaning After Septic Backup
Contact us immediately to arrange for prompt clean-up of sewer backup or septic system failures. We work with septic experts who can identify and fix the source of the problem. Once the problem is resolved, we will:

  • Clean up both solids and gray water
  • Dispose of any ruined materials or furnishings
  • Decontaminate or dispose of carpeting*
  • Remove flooring, sheetrock, woodwork and any other materials that cannot be disinfected
  • Disinfect materials that can be safely cleaned

Contact AM-PM Janitorial Sales and Service for an assessment of the damage and a free quote on water damage services. Call 603-926-9484.