Musty Smell in Your Basement? There is a Solution to Your Indoor Air Quality Problem

Do you avoid your basement because of the dank, musty smell? Do you find you need to run a dehumidifier much of the time? Because moist air is heavy, it migrates to the lowest level of a building, resulting in a musty smell and high humidity. Good air exchange can eliminate that problem but most homes and commercial buildings constructed in the 1980s and later were built to be airtight and energy efficient.

To resolve indoor air quality problems, you need to improve air circulation. The EPA recommends a complete air exchange every four hours but that's far more than occurs for most energy efficient homes.  We fix musty air problems throughout New Hampshire and MA including Newburyport MA, and Salem, NH.

Eliminate That Musty Smell

At AM-PM Janitorial Sales and Service we have the solution to your indoor air quality problem. Our electronic humidity control system eliminates excess humidity and removes stale basement air by drawing air from the main floor of your home or building, through the basement, and venting it outside.

In a standard-sized home, the air is fully exchanged 20 to 30 times in a 24-hour period.

  •  No more need for a dehumidifier!
  • No more musty smell in the basement and throughout your house!

We've helped hundreds of customers find a musty basement solution from a too-tight house or an improperly vented clothes dryer or bathroom shower. We also do mold assessments and mold remediation work if high humidity has resulted in black mold or other types of mold.


  • Clean, professional installation
  • Energy efficient operation at $8 a month (average)
  • Fully automatic and never needs emptying
  • Quieter than a dehumidifier and uses less energy
  • Electronic humidity sensor with an accuracy plus or minus 1% RHCSA & UL approved
  • 10 year warranty




Contact AM-PM Janitorial Sales and Service for an air quality assessment. Get a free quote on installation of an MBS or Cameleon electronic humidity control system to put an end to that musty basement smell. We work with homeowners and businesses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Call 603-926-9484.